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Superman AVENGERS Asked 1 month ago

Hello pingskills, 

I have a problem in  forehand and backhand topspin that i have habit of playing the stroke with hand not going over the head as mentioned in your video so how do i get rid of this habit. 

Also, I have a problem in both backhand and forehand topspin that whenever the ball is just near the net and it is going to land near the table so which topspin should I use the slow and spinny or the regular one.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Sonia,

In training place some attention on this area of the skill.  Focus only on where your racket is finishing for a few minute, even if the ball is not going on the table.

Then see if you need to make any subtle changes to allow the ball to go on the table consistently.

For the half long ball where the second bounce lands close to the end of the table often a slower topspin will be better as you will be able to use a more vertical stroke near the end of the table.  You can make this stroke with a lot of spin and also if you think about the placement it can be very effective.

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