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Martin Dominic

Martin Dominic Asked 11 years ago

I've already searched for all questions and answers at; I've looked Jeff and Alois at training video, but I still feel doubt. [Wang Liqin] [Jeff] [Stefan Feth]

Please help me analyze those three videos.

Wang Liqin, Jeff, and Stefan Feth, was doing the same brush contact and snapping their forearm. However, they have the same wrist movement, I think. After watching those video for thousand times, slow it down, I can't do the same thing.

The racket going fast from steady state; due to the moment inertia, the first Newton's Law, and aerodynamic; when I snap my forearm, the fast and sudden movement, due to the surface of racket is vast, the air friction tend to "open" the racket; and I did an upward movement. My wrist is loose.

Now look at the video, indeed, Wang Liqin, Jeff, and Stefan Feth, was snapping their forearm when their bat's surface contact the ball, but their wrist when the bat contact the ball did not shake. They collect the energy from mass body at their right legs, transfer it to the right arm, and like throwing the heavy load, BOOM! But their wrist do not shake when they snap. They slightly lift their wrist a before they snap the ball, but their wrist do not shake when contact the ball.

Because of "tremble" wrist when contact the ball, sometimes I do not generate heavy spin, although it's an upward motion, it's disturb the clean brush contact; sometimes because of tremble wrist my shot isn't controllable and I can't place the ball. I do not blame Newton's law and aerodynamic, but if I strengthen my arm, it won't go fast. But if I accelerate the loose wrist, my wrist will slightly tremble.

Assume that I do the forehand topspin exactly same as Jeff do. My problem is my wrist.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Martin,

It is only now a matter of controlling your wrist during the stroke.  Really focus on keeping the angle correct through the stroke.  It is not a matter of strength just a matter of control.

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Martin Dominic

Martin Dominic Posted 11 years ago

Thanks for your advice. That's what I deal with; the correct angle when bat surface contact the ball can created by correct wrist movement. My wrist is trembled, it's angle slightly change; because I accelerate it very fast from steady state. My wrist still loose. So...i can't get correct angle.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 11 years ago

Just focus on the stability of the wrist and see how it goes.  It will take time.

Qasim Adenwalla

Qasim Adenwalla Posted 6 years ago

I know what problem your talking about what Alois is saying won't help you you have to forearm snap when your hitting the ball not BEFORE hitting the ball or your wrist will move if you snap the forearm when you contact the ball your wrist shakey movement won't happen

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