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D K Asked 9 months ago


I am a defender but my stroke set should be complete.

I would like to ask, how should I adapt my stroke for attacking other defender's chops using my backhand?

I feel like I just cannot swing fast enough to pull off i.e. 5 one hundred percent backhand topspins against this level of backspin in a row.

That should be taken really at the side of the body?

I do not feel like the forearm and wrist is enough to pull over a hundred percent backspin several times in a row.  Or can it be that my wrist is not relaxed enough?  Or can it be just impossible with my defensive bat?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 months ago

Hi Dan,

The key to making successful backhand loops against defenders' chops is first to have a reliable, consistent contact with the ball. You need to make sure you are making clean, crisp contact with the ball. Next, have a relaxed wrist when making contact with the ball; the relaxation of the wrist is what gives you the necessary power to execute successful backhand loops.

It is possible to execute these strokes with a slower racket.  Your contact point can be closer to your left hip rather than outside your body.  Relax the arm, hand and fingers as you swing.  This will lead to inconsistency initially but eventually, with practice you will start to be able to get the stroke right.

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