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mohammad Hekal

mohammad Hekal Asked 7 years ago

Hello coach, 

I have been training table tennis with a trainer for about 5 months or more. The Bat i have been using is a premade donic paddle with rubber and wood already sold as one. I bought it with around 35 dollar. The bat is not fast and i know this is good for a beginner and i felt comfortable with it during the last months of training. The problem now that my level is getting higher in the game and people around me start telling me that i need a new Bat with good and faster rubber and i am afraid that i will need to start from the beginning when switching to a new bat. When i try to get a look on kinds of rubber i feel confused with these many types and names and i just want to stay in the comfort zone using my current bat. If you would recommend me a good type of rubber and a wooden bat also for my current level (I am kind of attacker on both back and fore) and they are available worldwide i would appreciate this.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Mohammad,

You could get Mark V rubber.  You may even be able to just put it on the bat you already have.  Just change the rubber.

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mohammad Hekal

mohammad Hekal Posted 7 years ago

Hey Coach,

I have look every where in my country for Yasaka Mark V or Sliver because i know that they are the most recommended for beginners or intermediate players as you suggested but i cant find them any where in my country and buying them online will cost me with shipping three times more than there actual price. So to solve the problem i tried to look for an alternative that is available in my country. I am thinking of tenergy 80 on both sides (MAX thickness because it is the only thickness available ) + Timo boll ALL blade. I know this is a risky jump but this what i could think of. Would appreciate your help.


I had an injury in my shoulder and i think that a controllable fast combination would put the pressure on that] bat rather than my shoulder; correct me if i am wrong



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Hi Mohammed,

If that is all that is available then go for it.  Do they have the Tenergy FX, because that would be a little more control?

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