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Abhiram Reddy

Abhiram Reddy Asked 9 years ago

I've just bought my first custom racket(butterfly jonyer h-II + yasaka mark V max on both sides) and i have trained with it for a a couple of hours.I find it to be ridiculously fast and i was pleased with this but i was disappointed with the amount of spin i could generate which was quite less than what i could with my premade . What should i do to generate more spin? Extremely thin contacts with the ball?  Should i do the same even when i serve?  I know i will discover its secrets with more training but i just want to speed up the process as i have a tournament on the 9th of Feb.Thanks a lot Alois.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Abhiram,

The speed of the ball leaving the racket will make give you less spin.  Over the next day hit a lot of balls softly and with good control so that you get the feel of the racket.  Two days isn't a lot of time to get used to the bat but if you play consistently it will help.

Then concentrate on getting a finer contact on the ball.  This will help with the spin.

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soma sundaram

soma sundaram Posted 7 years ago

Hi Abhiram,

How was the tournament went? Kindly provide your feedback about your first custom set-up (butterfly jonyer h-II + yasaka mark V max on both sides)

Thanks in advance,


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