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Last updated 8 years ago

Joshua Griffiths

Joshua Griffiths Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

I'm a pretty advanced player but I'm looking to maximise spin when I chop but it usually either goes well up into the air or lands in the net.

Any advice for this?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Joshua,

To generate more spin and keep the ball low, open up the angle of your racket till it is almost flat to the ground.  Then brush under the ball hitting right at the base of the ball.  If you do this with a fast contact you will generate good spin.  This technique is difficult and you will need your good level of ability to make it happen.

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sundaram tomar

sundaram tomar Posted 8 years ago


alois never says wrong in any table tennis topic.



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