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Rick August

Rick August Asked 6 months ago

Anyone have experience with Gewo blades?  In particular, I'm looking at the allround blades.  Are these good quality blades?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hello Rick, I appreciate your interest in Gewo blades.  Gewo is a reputable brand in the table tennis world, known for producing a wide range of table tennis equipment, including rubbers, blades, and apparel. Their products are generally well-regarded for their quality and have been used by players at various levels, from hobbyists to professionals. When it comes to the all-round blades, Gewo offers options that are designed to provide a good balance between speed and control. This makes them suitable for players who want a versatile blade that can support a controlled attacking style or defensive strategies when needed. The term "all-round" typically refers to equipment that doesn't lean too heavily towards either speed or control, offering a balanced playing characteristic. It's an excellent choice for players who are developing their game and are not yet specializing in offense or defense exclusively. As with any table tennis equipment, whether a blade is the right fit for you depends on your playing style, experience level, and preferences. If possible, it's always a good idea to try out a blade before purchasing it, or at least read reviews or ask for opinions from players who have used it to get an idea of its performance and feel. Keep in mind that the rubber you pair with the blade will also significantly affect the overall playability. Before deciding, it's also helpful to compare the Gewo blades with others you may be considering, in terms of weight, handle shape, ply construction, and the type of wood or composite materials used. These factors can all contribute to the blade's performance and suitability for you. In summary, Gewo all-round blades can be a good quality choice for players looking for a well-balanced game, but personal preference and compatibility with your playing style are critical when selecting the right blade.

Others on here may be able to Gove you their opinion if they have used the blades before.

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