Going back to an all wood blade with CHN rubber on my FH

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YuQin Shi

YuQin Shi Asked 3 years ago

Hello Coach!

I would like to ask if I made the correct decision to go back to an all wood setup with a Chinese rubber on my FH coming from a very fast setup?

Previous setup:

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon w/ BTY T05 on FH and Donic Baracuda on BH

Current setup:

Yinhe N11-S all wood w/ DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on FH and Donic Baracuda on BH

The reason why I decided to do the switch was because I noticed that I was making unfirced errors in many chance-balls where the ball would often miss the table. This does not happen when faced with players at my level but mostly happens when faced with a player way better than me.

Another reason why I switched was because I still haven't develop a good skill on reading serves and anticipating receives so thats why I think it would be better for me to use this slower setup.

It was my first day using the all wood with Chinese rubber setup with drills yesterday and as expected, I was forced to use fuller strokes. But I think what this setup gave me firsthand was how easy it was to feel the ball. 

My only fear is that I might get defeated by players I used to defeat easily with my fast setup. However I also realize that this would help me develop my strokes like how it used to when I wasn't still using a fast blade and I also think that it would benefit me more in the long run compared to of I were to use my fast setup. 

With this said, am I doing the right thing by reverting to this slow setup so that I can regain my fully developed strokes? Also would it be possible for me to stick with this setup forever and reach high level table tennis (national level at least)?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago


I think this is a reasonable idea.  It sounds like you are now able to play better strokes and use better technique.

You would be able to play at a high level with a similar setup but even if you feel at a later stage that the setup is too slow you can always step up the pace of your racket.

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