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Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen Asked 8 years ago

Hi PingSkills,

I have been playing with a cheap premade racket for 1 year but with no instructions. Now I started to play table tennis seriously, I think I will need a coach and a reasonable racket. When surfing the Internet, many people said I should have a custom-made racket, which consists of an ALL blade and two rubbers with good control. The PingSkills Touch is definitely a great choice (and I will surely consider purchasing one), but there are also many other good choices out there. Can you recommend me a good allround blade? About rubbers, do you think Mark V or Sriver is better? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Nam,

The blade isn’t really too important.  Use whatever all round blade that you can get.  We provide the PingSkills Touch for those that aren’t sure what to get.  Mark V and Sriver are very similar.  Mark V tends to have a little more spin and Sriver a little more control.

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