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Michael Adamczyk

Michael Adamczyk Asked 10 years ago

Hi Pingskills!

I've played table tennis for almost two years and now my play is quite good, but I still have one, big problem with spin. For example: when I attack backspin ball it is rather a float ball, not a good spinny backhand topspin. 

I want to ask you about the equipment because I've heard that the hardness of blades and rubbers is very important and that we should mix hard blades to soft rubbers and vice versa. What do you think about this? And what do you think about my racket? Now I'm playing with Primorac OFF- made in europe and butterfly Sriver G3 max on both sides and the spin, especially slow spinny topspin is a big problem for me.

I also think about changing rubbers to Yasaka Rakza 7 on both sides. Maybe you can recommend it?   

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Michael,

The hardness of blades is a preference.  I find it easier to spin the ball with a softer wood because the ball stays on the bat for a little longer.  The Primorac blade should be soft and slow enough for you to generate the spin.

I don't know much about the Rakza 7 but it sounds like it may be more of a technique issue.

Think about the stroke being a bit more vertical and the contact being a little finer.  This will help to generate a slower spinny topspin.  Take a look at the lesson on Forehand Loop Off Backspin.


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thijs gruwez

thijs gruwez Posted 10 years ago

I currently play a donic persson powerplay wooden blade with donic acuda S3 and coppa X3 rubbers (both quite soft). My 'old' bat is a donic epox offensiv. it was softer wood and made me attack easy but was not ideal for blocking not pushing so I'm still not satisfied with the new blade.

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