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Heriberto Sofaires

Heriberto Sofaires Asked 11 years ago

im currently using calibra lt spin on fh and lt plus on bh i like the speed on my bh and spin on fh anyways im currently looking for a rubber that gives me more spin on slower strokes such as serves and pushes etc i do know that calibra lt spin gives me tons of spin in rallies but i havent seen any video or someone that put decent spin with calibra lt spin on serves i mean enough to make a push uncomfortable during serve, i currently bought 2 sheets one of dhs hurricane 3 neo and one of dhs skyline tg3 neo both serve me great during serve its he kind of spin i was looking for but the speed factor of calibra was completely gone so i immediately thought of tenergy 05, i know i cant have the speed of a esn rubber and the spin of a chinese tacky rubber but i want a good amount of both and i think it resume to tenergy? i been trying to achieve a satisfactory amount of spin on my serves with calibra lt spin and has been difficult but dont get me wrong i do love this rubbers and i would hate to change them but it seems that i cant get that amount of spin during serves, and i dont have a coach so i mostly train from what i see online and tutorials from you guys and i have become pretty good over the years (it was just a few month ago that i started looking at pingskills)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Heriberto,

Tenergy is a very good rubber as long as you feel you can handle the speed of it.  The other rubber I like is XIOM Vega Pro.  This is what Jeff and I use. I haven't used the Calibra but the main test is how you feel with it.  If you decided that it is comfortable for you then stay with it.  If not change and use one of the two I mentioned or the two you have bought.  Whatever it is once you decide, just stay with it and train hard.

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eduardo espinosa

eduardo espinosa Posted 11 years ago

Sr. Heriberto Sofaires: I am actually looking for the very same subject you are and almost in the same situation, except I use only one rubber. I am looking for the best backhand rubber there is for spin serves while the best for hitting kind of compromise. Possibly it will be easier for you to find your backhand rubber. The rubber I'm using now is a super BH one: The Donic S2 Acuda. I must say it almost suits my requirements except for at the time to hit hard it lacks explosiveness. I guess it's too much to ask from a single rubber. Edy  

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