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Daumisx Krugliakovas

Daumisx Krugliakovas Asked 10 years ago

Hey PingSkills! 

I now pronounce a bit of myself how did i got to stars :D 

Nah it is actualy only a good play not stars but i think everyone here In is playing good

year ago i was playing quite lame and odd i couldnt serve i couldnt do anything good, and than i suddently found ........... it wasnt big community but i loved the way they act they answer everything so i thought lets give it a shot so i started watching lessons i watched all of them :D abit nolifed but anyway than i watched alot and alot of videos including table tennis. I used these lessons and praticed for more than 6 months and than my body started to recognyze some movements from enemy and i started to feel comfortable so I started to play abit more and than i found some closeminded people who also started like me so now more than 6months we play 3-5 hours a day and we are doing incredible job as strange as it could be and funny as it could be we tried to copy the movements from the youtube(Zhan Jike , Wang Hao, Joo Se Hyouk and so on) as strange as it could be at first we couldnt do that but after a few weeks of training these movements started to get better and better eventualy turned automatic so we went forward and forward and now as i watch all the Ping skills Videos i'm proud and happy that i watched them and raised to stars :D Thanks To Alois and Jeff for the brilliant job

my question is How did you started and turned pro? :)

also everyone in forums i would like that they would prononunce how did they started? :) 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Daumisx,

Thanks for the very kind comments about the site.

I started when I was very young and played consistently for 20 years.  Reaching a higher level is largely about how many hours you can put in on the table with good concentration. 

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