How does table tennis player cheer ?

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persson Unknown

persson Unknown Asked 13 years ago

Hi !

I want to ask you this question, it's quite ... silly, I think so ?

Do you know how does table tennis player cheer after a good point, it sounds like chinese word : cho or cho hei ... but I heard the european players scream it too ?

What's that ?

Thank you very much !


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Lan,

Not having any Chinese or Japanese language background I can't help a real lot here.  My understanding is that it is some sort of derivative that has probablybeen massacred starting with 'Fight'.

The French though and some other Europeans now say 'Jolie'which literally translated means Pretty.

Maybe some of our readers with Chinese or Japanese backgrounds can help us out.

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Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 13 years ago

I assume 'cho' must originally be a Chinese word which was then adopted by other nationalities (since Chinese dominate the sport so much), sometimes with local variations that sound similar.  For example, I notice the Korean players shout "Jo-ah!" which means "good!"  I didn't know about the French with their "Jolie"...I'll listen more carefully when I watch French players play from now on!

My wife is Taiwanese but she wasn't able to draw much light on what "Cho" means in Chinese.  I guess it depends on the tone (which is hard to pick up when a player is shouting) and probably is a shortening of a longer expression as well.

luis astudillo

luis astudillo Posted 13 years ago

one of my club's trainer is chinese....he told me that "cho!" means..."c'mon!"....

Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown Posted 13 years ago

I've been in a club full of Chinese people. I remember them shouting Cho when they earn a point against their opponent. It's builds up tension and pressure for the opponent. I can't blame them. Usually Chinese Trainers punish those who lose.


D K Posted 2 weeks ago

In Japanese,"chou" ,pronounced [cho:] can be translated as "great","super" etc.

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