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Ardak .

Ardak . Asked 11 months ago

Hi, coach!

An opponent serves to BH corner. His serve is backspin+sidespin and very fast and low. A week ago I was returning them by BH topspin, my BH topspins were very successful. Then I won easily. But yesterday I couldn't return by BH topspin. I mostly couldn't catch the ball, missed a lot. Even if I catched, they went off the table. I lost first 2 sets. Then I started to return serves by pushing with vertical angle of racket. Because he loops my normal pushes 100% effectively. Returning with vertical angle push was effective. I won next to sets. When I push, he sometimes can't lift, sometimes I successfully block his loops, but not 100%. I was standing close to the table during the block, they were approximately 40% successful.

In what direction I must work? Practicing/trying BH topspin reseive or blocking his 3rd ball loop when I return serve by pushing?

Do I need to go back far from the table when opponent intends to loop? Because I see it lot of times in profi games. But some profi playes block very good from close to the table.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 months ago

Hi Ardak,

I think it is a combination of improving your return of serve and improving you block.  If you are good at blocking then you can deliberately push the ball long and fast with more backspin to try to get a weaker topspin from the server.

For the block stay closer to the table and track the ball well.  Then focus on the placement of the block to make it more difficult for them.

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Ardak .

Ardak . Posted 11 months ago

Thank you very much, coach!

P.S. For that opponent placement of the block is not important :) because he hits so hard that he can't recover. If I block successfully then he can do nothing. But yes, I will try to focus on the placement of the block to make it more difficult for other opponents.  

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