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Wilson Ip

Wilson Ip Asked 4 years ago

I'm having some issues with my backhand since changing to a new bat. Before I was using a Stiga Infinity VPS with Hurricane 3 on my forehand and Tin Arc on my backhand. My backhand was much stronger than my forehand. I felt confident to flick the ball or close the bat and hit the ball around 1-2 o'clock to generate topspin with my backhand.

I wanted something a bit faster so I chose the Fang Bo B2 blade with Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial and Tin Arc. It felt easier to hit forehand strokes especially away from the table but my backhand is not so good compared to when I used my old bat. My training partner told me to close the bat and hit through the ball like before. I can do it if the incoming ball is quite strong or has topspin but I'm having trouble returning weaker balls using that technique. When I try to flick serves or weaker balls, it usually ends up in the net because I brushed the ball without hitting it enough.

While looking up different blades and rubbers, I read that the Fang Bo B2 blade is stiffer and the Tin Arc rubber is slightly hard but I didn't think it would be a problem for my backhand. Using a slightly closed bat angle helps but I'm struggling to a good balance between brushing and hitting the ball. I feel like I have to hit even harder than before to make the ball sink into the rubber and the throw angle seems lower.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Wilson,

Sounds like it will take a little adjusting to the new blade and rubber.  Don't worry too much, this adjustment will happen naturally over the next few weeks.  You will start to find the right angles of the racket and the amount of racket speed you need to make the shot work for you again.

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