How to improve my forehand drive

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Last updated 10 months ago

Yuvika Kumar

Yuvika Kumar Asked 10 months ago

Why am I getting late in hitting forehand drive?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 months ago

Hi Yuvika,

Improving your forehand drive is all about timing and practice. 

Firstly think about watching the ball carefully throughout the rally.  This will give you the earliest information as to where the ball is as it is coming to you.

Then think about contacting the ball in your preferred hitting zone in front of your body.  This hitting zone can be found by thinking about a position you would naturally catch a ball when it is thrown to you and you catch it with two hands.  This is usually a comfortable position for also hitting the ball.

I hope this helps.

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Philip Samuel

Philip Samuel Posted 10 months ago

There are some great Pingskills videos to look at.  Start with Counter Hit, and then progress to Drive.  Excellent explanations, have followed the advice and it is working really well. Also hit the ball as early as possible, which means get closer to the table as much as possible, just like in the videos.

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