How to improve return to serve?

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binod singh

binod singh Asked 11 years ago

Hi Alos,

Thanks for the videos, it helped me lot to improve my TT skills. I struggle a lot while returning serve it usually go higher and I get a good smash in return :( . 

Your programs have let me learn many skills. Thanks again.

Thanks, Binod Singh

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Binod,

The first thing is to be able to read the spin well.  If you can do this then the rest becomes a lot easier.

If the return is always going high rather than into the net, you need to change the angle of your bat.  Face it a little more down.  You can also think about having a softer, more relaxed hand.  This will help to dampen the spin on the ball.

Try these two things first.

We have a DVD available on this specific topic.  You can purchase Receiving Secrets Revealed DVD through our website.  It has a very good break down of how to read spin and then ways to return several types of serves. 

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