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dan mat

dan mat Asked 5 months ago

Hello Alois,

Hope all is good.

When playing games, sometimes I play very good, and sometimes not.

How please can I make my play more consistent and less alternated?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 months ago

Hello Dan,

Thank you for reaching out. It's a common challenge for table tennis players to achieve a consistent level of play. Here are several tips to help you find more consistency in your games:

  1. Focus on Technique: Ensure your basic strokes (forehand, backhand, serve, and receive) are technically sound. Work with a coach or use video analysis to identify and correct any weaknesses in your technique.
  2. Practice Regularly: Consistency comes with regularity of practice. Allocate time to practice regularly. Remember, quality is often better than quantity. Aim for focused, high-quality sessions.
  3. Match Play: Play as many matches as possible to gain experience. Try to play against a variety of opponents, as this will help you to learn to adapt your game to different styles of play.
  4. Train Under Pressure: Practice matches where you put yourself under pressure. For example, start a game at a score of 9-9 to get used to playing the crucial points well.
  5. Train with Variability: Make sure that when you are training you have opportunity to play against balls that are variable, with placement as well as spin and speed.  Often in training we train with regular shots where we always know where the ball is coming.
  6. Physical Fitness: Good fitness levels can help with consistency as fatigue can affect decision-making and the precision of your shots.
  7. Mental Training: Work on your mental toughness. Techniques like visualization and goal setting can help maintain focus and minimise the effects of pressure.
  8. Equipment: Use the same equipment for practice and matches, and make sure it's in good condition. Changing equipment frequently can affect how you play.
  9. Warm-up: A good warm-up can help your touch and feel for the ball, leading to better consistency from the beginning of the match.
  10. Routine: Develop pre-point routines that help you to reset and focus on the next point, regardless of whether you won or lost the last one.
  11. Reflection: After your matches, consider what went well and what didn’t. Reflecting on your performance can help pinpoint areas for improvement.

Remember, consistency is something that even the top players strive to improve, so be patient with your progress. Keep practicing, and over time, you should start to see more consistent results in your game.

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dan mat

dan mat Posted 5 months ago

Thanks a lot Alois for your detailed answer!

I will enter what you told me into practice as soon as possible!

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