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Justin Peh

Justin Peh Asked 10 years ago

Hey , I have been using middle pimples for my backhand for around 3 months now . Although I have more or less not much difficulty receiving the different types of spin on my middle pimple , I dont know how to FULLY utilise the use of middle pimple . For instance , when a short backspin comes to my backhand , all I do is slice the ball back , which will provide very little backspin back to my opponent and he can flick or topspin the ball easily over . I am in my school team but is in doubles thus I have not much personal attention from my coach . In the school team , I see some players with middle pimples flicking the ball very easily . I can do so but with very little speed with allow the person the react in time the return my ball . I hope you guys can really help by giving a tutorial on how to fully utilise middle pimples and how we should return the spins.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Justin,

The advantage of the medium pimples over the long pimples is that you can attack a little easier.  

If you push the backspin serve back it will be an easy ball for your opponent to attack. 

You should try flicking more with them.  Get a flatter contact on the ball to get the shot faster.  Try also to get the ball in the centre of the racket for this shot and hit the ball at the peak of the bounce.


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