How to return a forehand topspin and sidespin?

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Michael Harrison Unknown

Michael Harrison Unknown Asked 12 years ago


 What is the best way to return a forehand topspin and sidespin and be able to still keep the ball low on the table? As I currently struggle to keep the ball under control when returning, which generally leads to it popping up and being smashed by my opponent. I am 16 and currently play at a reasonalby high level but this is one of the shots I struggle against.

 Thanks alot for your help:)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Michael,

This is a difficult shot to return. There are two options.

You can have a very soft hand and be able to feel the ball back.  The soft hand means that the spin will not have as much effect.  This requires a lot of experience to be able to read exactly what spin is on the ball.

The other option is to generate enough speed and spin on the ball yourself so that their spin doesn't have as much effect.  Try brushing the ball really strongly to get it to move in the direction that you want rather than the direction that is already on the ball.

Good luck Michael. 

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