How to use a hardbat against sponge

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Last updated 9 months ago

William Eckhardt

William Eckhardt Asked 9 months ago

How to play hardbat against sponge bats. Hardbats are at a disadvantage are there ways the hardbatter can be more formidable? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 months ago

Hi William,

Using a hardbat against sponge bats is not an easy task - but that doesn't mean it is impossible. There are several techniques and approaches for the hardbatter to be more formidable against a sponger. First, it is important to focus on slowing the game down. Defensive play is probably the easiest method.  However if you can attack with the hardball you will find that it is difficult for the sponge player to cope with that ball, especially if they are not used to it.

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