Hurricane 3 "classic" v Hurricane 3 "NEO"

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John S

John S Asked 6 months ago

Hello coach,

I know you don't have a lot of experience with chinese rubbers, but I'm wondering if you and your community can help me.

I'm a user of the classic Hurricane 3 and I'm looking for an upgrade. I want to stay in the Hurricane 3 family and have decided for a blue sponge provincial Hurricane 3. I know of the sponge diference between them, so that's not my issue.

My question has to do with the tackiness levels, which is more tacky? Did Hurricanes made in the past have higher tackiness (both neos and classics) and eventually both models got changed, or does the classic have a higher level of tackiness in general?

I've read a million conflicting opinions about them and are very confused, and at this point I can't spare any money for testing both, I can only buy one.

Thank you for your time!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hi John,

The Hurricane 3 comes in two varieties: Classic and Neo. The major difference between the two is the sponge. Classic sponges tend to be less elastic than Neo ones, but they have a slight edge in terms of tackiness. Overall, though, I would describe the tackiness of both rubbers as average. When considering the tackiness levels, it's best to keep in mind that every rubber is different. So, while the Classic and the Neo varieties of the Hurricane 3 may have the same basic properties, individual pieces may still differ in terms of tackiness. Hope this helps! Good luck with your search for the perfect rubber.

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John S

John S Posted 6 months ago

That's what I was looking for, thank you coach! 

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