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Omer Levy

Omer Levy Asked 3 weeks ago

Hi alois, before 10 days i got hurricane 8 mid-hard as my fh rubber, i looked at lot of reviews about this rubber and people say this rubber have lot of tackiness, but after 4 training sessions, each 1 hour, the rubber almost lost all of his tackinnes, and after every session i cleaned him with water, do you have any explanation about it?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Omer,

It may lose that extreme tackiness that it starts with but it still has a lot of grip on the surface.

You will still be able to utilise this rubber well.  In fact I think it is often easier when that initial tackiness wears off, especially for the flatter hit.

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D K Posted 3 weeks ago

Omer, Hurricanes are overally quite hard rubbers.
As far as I know,such rubbers require better technique to efficiently create spin.

As Alois says,the initial tackiness is extreme one but wears of fairly quickly in case of majority (if not all) rubbers.

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