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elazar novik

elazar novik Asked 1 year ago


In training I play great. But in competition I am unable to attack, I return weak balls and make blocks. I lose to players weaker than me. Today in the competition I lost to a player from my team who in training could not beat me but in the competition he defeated me because I could not attack. What can be done to break the barrier? Thank you!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Elazar,

This is a common problem.  I find that not being able to attack often starts with tension in the shoulders and arm because you are worried about the result of the shot.  In training you don't put as much pressure on yourself to get that shot on because you have more perspective on it.  In a match you start to place too much importance on the ball landing on the table which in turn means that there is tension which in turn means you get less on the table... and so the spiral goes...

Firstly, in training, think about how you can create a little more pressure on yourself and in matches think about how you can create less pressure on yourself. If you can start to match these two things up then you will find more success in matches.

Take a look at our section on Sports Psychology which will also give you some ideas.


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