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Romeo Chua

Romeo Chua Asked 7 years ago

Ever since I have started playing table tennis, I have used only one bat. Because I am an offensive player, I often get these "accidents" where my bat gets damaged. But at one point, when I decided to use the backhand flick to receive the ball, it hit the table! I heard a crack. When I looked at my bat, it was bent. I found the crack and glued it with superglue, but after another failed attempt to flick the ball, it bent again. Can it still be glued and used? I really like the feel of the bat, being a defensive racket with offensive rubbers.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Romeo,

I think your Juliette is in trouble...

When the bats crack they do lose their feel, even if you glue them again.  If you think that you like the feel still then perhaps stay with it but just be careful that it doesn't break during a point and fly off which is possible.  That could cause damage to someone or something.

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D K Posted 7 years ago

And...couldn't you simply buy the same blade again? :(

I have destroyed some bats this way since I started playing.
But they were cheap and valueless.
Now I nearly destroyed my new Donic Defplay Classic,and I cracked its edges many times.
I hope you will be more lucky.


This is the reason why I hate playing close to the own half of the table is often in my way

Andre Panesa

Andre Panesa Posted 7 years ago

True dat XD


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