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hassaan kausar

hassaan kausar Asked 10 years ago

Hi coatch

we know that every TT brand has a peak quality rubber for example butterfly has its Tenergy series which is the best and most expensive butterfly series and used by top players...

i wanted to ask that do u know what is the peak and top quality rubber for JOOLA? and is the most expensive one as well like tenergy...???

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Hassaan,

Probably the Express One rubber is their fastest.

I don't think that you should necessarily look for the fastest rubber to use.  Think about what is going to suit your game best.

Others may have ideas about the best Joola rubbers. 

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Xavier Naraine

Xavier Naraine Posted 10 years ago


Price wise, I also think that the Energy series from Joola is the same price as the Express.

Good Luck. 

hassaan kausar

hassaan kausar Posted 10 years ago

oh yes...i use that rubber..Joola Energy and Energy Extra...gr8 rubber :) the price range is the same as express....

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