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Ryan Wang

Ryan Wang Asked 10 years ago

(I use shakehand grip) I was able to do all the tomahawk service variations a year ago. Howbeit, I was having trouble hitting the back-sidespin/top-sidespin ones long and the plain sidespin one short. I've succeded to keep the first bounce of the short services near the net and the first bounce of the long services near myself, but the way I've tried doesn't seem to have an effect on my problem.

Are there other ways of keeping my tomahawk services' lengths in control other than the way I've just described?

(P.S.: Mine was kind of like Kenta Matsudaira's)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Ryan,

To get more length, get a slightly flatter contact on the ball.  This will get the ball to go longer.

For the  short serve, try to still keep the first bounce close to you but, get a finer contact.  The real deceptive short and long serves vary the contact rather than the first bounce placement.

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