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Someone Anyone

Someone Anyone Asked 1 year ago

Hi, Why defenders try to chop the ball deep to the table? Short is more harder to attack I think.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago


They try to get the ball deep when the attacking player plays a faster shot such as a topspin as getting the ball short from a topspin ball is very difficult.

If they a receiving serve off a short serve or returning a short push then a short return is possible.

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D K Posted 1 year ago

There is a tactical reason as well.
When a defender chops the ball deep on the opponent's side,the attacker must take a step back to attack it properly. That has several consequences.
a)The attacker must make the ball fly over longer distance. Since backspin drags the ball down on impact,it requires more power. Thus,playing deep can weaken the opponent's attack.
b)the distance also affects control. The attacker is less effective at playing angles,because the table feels "more narrow" from larger distance. Also,hitting a distant target (defender's table) is more difficult than closer target. This helps the defender anticipate the ball's direction.
c)Distance also affect speed. The ball from attacker travels for a split second longer-giving the defender a split second of advantage.
d)from a deep ball it is more difficult to play the ball short. Also relates to the control. This helps the defender to anticipate the depth of the ball.
e)if aiming deep,the defender can afford playing slightly higher balls. Or in other words,he does not have to watch for the height so much. Again relates to the previous points. Since depth decreases the power,the defender can play slightly higher,because the power is reduced.

If you play a short chop,you have to keep the ball really LOW. Else,you risk that the opponent can smack the higher ball at close range-here he has the target (defender's table) much closer to the point of hit,he has "wider" table,he can drop shot easily etc.

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