Long pips on a carbon blade

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Domenico  Gallicchio

Domenico Gallicchio Asked 2 years ago

Hello, I was just wondering if long pips were suitable for a hard carbon blade like a boll Alc or innerforce.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Domenico,

In general I would say that it is better to use long pimples on a slower blade to absorb some of the speed.

With the faster blade you will find the ball will fly off a bit fast to be able to control the ball.

However, if you have good control you may like the effect of the ball coming off faster with the long pimples.

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Rajdeep Paul

Rajdeep Paul Posted 1 year ago

domenico, I think, if you have control, you can try. butterfly has manufactured gionis carbon series in which the defensive blade is also a carbon blade. and ruwen filus in his tenage, used to use timo boll spirit, before manufacturing of butterfly JSH. even, this butterfly JSH itself, or victas koji matsushita offensive are more faster than many attacking ply like samsonov, waldner etc. according to your style, you can choose a fast or mediam fast carbon blade.

but if you can't control the speed, then of course you shouldn't go for carbon ply or fast ply.

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