Looping against a flat hitter

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Abhiram Reddy

Abhiram Reddy Asked 9 years ago

Hello Alois

I am used to looping and maintaining a loop rally against topspin balls. However when i play against a near-mid range flat hitter i end up hitting the ball into the net because of the lack of topspin. I am also unable to get a better brush contact on the ball as the ball travels extremely quickly towards me and end up mostly flat hitting the ball into the net.  Could u please describe the correct forehand stroke to be used in the situation mentioning the racket angle, type of contact, area of interception of the ball.... to maintain the rally and ultimately finish the point

Thank You

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Abhiram,

You just need to make the stroke more vertical now.  Maintain the brushing contact to generate the spin and the lift.  Get the contact higher on the face of your bat.

Against the faster ball the ball feels heavier.

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