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Dave Coonradt

Dave Coonradt Asked 10 years ago

Hi Coach, first of all I love watching ping skills. Secondly I seem to be having trouble looping the ball against topspin on my FH. My bat is a Killerspin Kido 7W with Killerspin Nitrx 5z. I love the bat but I am routinely disappointed by the rubbers. Granted they are about 2-3 years old and need replacing. I find if I keep my bat open I generate ok spin but the ball does not travel over the net. Now should I close my bat a bit I find that I get good speed, but my spin suffers. I know my starting position should be low and coming up I need to brush the ball...what are some key things to keep in mind. Also I'm looking for new equipment and the Touch with Mark V sounds very appealing. Ive been playing about 3 years on and off, my BH is strong, I have good control, and my FH is very fast on a drive but I lack the ability to really do some solid loops. Mark V the best option for me?

Thank you so much,




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Dave,

Firstly, if the rubber is 3 years old it is probably going to struggle to keep up with your shots.

Once you get some new rubber you will find that you will be able to generate more speed and spin.  If you try to turn your bat over the ball with old rubber your shots will suffer. With new rubber you will be bale to generate speed and spin on those shots.

Mark V is a good rubber. You can just replace the old rubber with new on your current bat if you like the feel of your old blade.  If you do happen to need a new blade the PingSkills Touch would probably suit you.

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andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 10 years ago

i agree with alois, 2 or 3 year old rubber is only good for the bin.  you should have new rubbers at least once a year, preferrably twice a year if you play regularly. that is probably the cause of your problems, no spin on your rubbers, get some new ones, mark v is good but if you are quite consistent usually i recommend yasaka pryde for just a little more speed and spin than mark v, and still nice to control especially on a slower blade. 

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