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Hammad Hammad

Hammad Hammad Asked 11 years ago

Hi coach,

your pieces of advice are really helping me a lot and I m doing good and good day by day.thanx for such a great site.

I saw your vedio about rubbers.I want to ask about Mark V that what type of ruber is it?

As it has a great grip and a lot of it normal rubber?

also tell me how will we distinguish between normal rubber and anti spin as both have flat surfaces.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Hammad,

Mark V is a normal rubber.

The main difference between normal rubber and anti-spin rubber is the amount of friction of the surface.  Just rube the ball across the surface and you will be able to tell.

Take a look at the lesson on the Effects of Rubbers.  This will show you the different properties of different types of rubber. 

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Thoughts on this question

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 11 years ago

i use mark v. it is quite fast and generates good spin. i wouldnt say it is for beginners but i like it.

chip Phatak

chip Phatak Posted 11 years ago

I used to use Mark V but I switched to Sriver FX for two reasons.  First, I found that Mark V doesn't get enough spin.  The second and probably more important reason for me was that Mark V is rather expensive.  Sriver FX cuts the cost by almost 10 dollars a sheet!

Eric DSouza

Eric DSouza Posted 11 years ago

Hey Chip,

You are pretty lucky because here in Mumbai, Sriver costs about 5 dollars more than Mark V and Sriver EL and FX about 10-15 dollars more.



chip Phatak

chip Phatak Posted 11 years ago

ouch. sorry about that man. maybe you're looking at the wrong sites?

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 11 years ago

i dont know if this is helpful or not, but i got my mark v rubbers from a guy on ebay in the uk. it cost me £17 per rubber and £1.50 postage, i believe this is quite cheap for this rubber.

bigred Unknown

bigred Unknown Posted 11 years ago

All quality rubbers vary in price. You need to shop around, even abroad to get the best deals. Try and get confirmation that stock is new. It does make a difference to quality. As for Mark V? its been around for many years and now has some variations. Its a rubber that i like. I generally i find it a softer rubber good for power hitting or control blocking. I like the feel of ball on bat. It's probably not the best for spin. Again it really depends on the player. Its what you feel happy and confident with. For the average player one quality rubber is no better than any other

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