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krishi meka

krishi meka Asked 10 years ago

hi Alois, 

I am currently using the stiga charger with the pre attached stiga tournment line. I have developed comfort using the paddle. I think it is high time i to upgrade the rubber into Yasaka Mark 5. one to improve my game with a bit more spin. second the tournment line rubber on my bat seemed to have lost its grip. I noticed that the amount of spin the rubber used to produce seemed to have died down. because of which my serves are suffering.

I would much appreciate an advice as to whether the combination of stiga blade and yasaka rubber is a good choice?


P.S. I have played with the yasaka rubber before and like it. and it comes into my budget. Please Advice.

Thanks in Advance...:-)


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Krishi,

I think it is definitely time for a change.  The Stiga Charger is not the level of bat that you need to be using to improve your game. This is especially so because the rubber is old now.

You have two options.  One to put Mark V on this blade and two to get a new blade as well.  This will be a budget decision.  It is better if you can get a new blade because the Stiga Charger blade will be quite slow.  It is not terrible but not the best either.  

I have put Mark V on some similar blades for school players and it works well at that level.

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