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Dayton Wills

Dayton Wills Asked 2 weeks ago

My league starts in october i was wondering if you know what is the best blade for defence i want to be a defender and what is the best long pips for attack and chop and also what is the best forhand rubbers for chop btw i want to be a chopper because i hurt my shoulder and when i smash the ball it hurts the shoulder and i think choppers are cool im thinking of a def - blade or a allround slow blade  

thanks from dayton  

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Dayton,

I will let the equipment experts jump in here.  My advice would be to go with a defensive blade initially to develop the control of your strokes as a defender.

If your shoulder is hurting it is worth getting checked.  Even as a defender you will want to attack at times.

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Dayton Wills

Dayton Wills Posted 1 week ago

Went to doctors they said shoulders fine but try not using a lot of force 

Jeff Van Goidsenoven

Jeff Van Goidsenoven Posted 1 week ago

Glad to hear! I was in a similar situation last year with my shoulder, so I was mostly pushing and chopping. I've been using the Joola Chen Weixing blade. However, I've been using thin inverted rubbers and not long pips, so I don't how that changes things.

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