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Superman AVENGERS Asked 2 years ago

Hello pingskills, 

I have a habit of staying at one place and whenever the ball is far my natural reflex is that my hand stretches and my legs do not move. I want to get rid of this habit. I practice some movement at home but my practice doesn't seem to work in front of the table.

When the ball comes to my backhand counter hit movement does not come naturally. I just stretch my hand towards the ball and the ball goes straight into the net or outside the table. How can I get rid of this habit.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Sonia,

It sounds like you understand the principle of what you need to do and that is make the movement with your feet before the hand.

This is a natural issue for players.  In training focus on that movement first rather than poking out with your hand or racket.  Start slowly with some footwork movements to set positions and then start to vary the positions and variability of the drill so that it keeps challenging you.  All the time the focus needs to be on making the foot movement first so that when your bat contacts the ball you are in a stable and balanced position.

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