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Brian Naidu

Brian Naidu Asked 8 years ago

Hi coach, 

I've been using the Butterfly Baselard pre-assembled racket. With this racket my forehand shots are strong and usually on point. However i'm finding as i develop my backhand stroke, i don't have the lift and spin i need. 

I have been considering getting a new racket, as this one is getting old and looking at options. DO  you have any suggestions on blade/rubber combinations based what i believe are my skill sets: 

- power

- offensive 

- weaker backhand ( tend to not attack the ball, and just get the ball over the net cause i find i don't have the control)

I understand that blade/rubber selection is based on preferences but any insight would be good.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Brian,

The most important thing is to get a bat that suits your speed.  A lot of players get one that is too fast to start with.  

The most important part of the combination is the rubber you choose.  Mark V is a great first up rubber for a custom bat.

The bat we would recommend is the PingSkills Touch with Mark V.  

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