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Francisco Cespedes Grau

Francisco Cespedes Grau Asked 8 years ago

I see i have trouble moving to the right, when I'm balanced i have no problem, the problem is when I have my weight in the right foot setting up the forehand topspin, and then I see the ball is going more to the right than I though, an example:

Doing a simply backhand-forehand drill, forehand down the line, a lot of times the ball go more to the white line, at that moment I have my weight in the right foot already and I have a lot of trouble getting the correct position again.

Some drills o tricks to get the correct position?

Thank you!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Francisco.

You are right that the balance is the key.  If you commit too early and put your weight on the right foot then it is too difficult to move to the right from there.  At all times you should try to maintain an even weight distribution on both feet.  This will allow you to move in either direction.  When you move to the right to get the forehand still make a little jump to balance yourself again.

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