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Jordi Rodriguez

Jordi Rodriguez Asked 8 years ago

Hey Alois!

Firstly I'm sorry if you are naturally annoyed with me asking too much for help.
Secondly,You look awesome as the left handed PANDA !!! :D

Now my issue.
I have been playing the game since 5 years.  Until about two years ago,I was really on top of my game as I used to play with a very good player and compete with him.  Unfortunately two years ago I had to change cities and had to take a break of 3-4 months from table tennis.  I again started to play but the level of the players playing against me was much lower and resulted in slight deterioration of my game.

Still recently I started training again regularly but with a player whom I can only call an experienced rookie.  Looking at my situation I'm planning to join a table tennis club which will make me what i was before,again.  A dominating player.

Now I have entered a big tournament and I'm feeling nervous about competing with players of higher standards.

This is my first tournament after many,many days.  So, what should I do out there?  Should I just enjoy myself and relish the moment whilst trying hard to win ?  I've taken my participation very seriously and expect a good show from myself inspite of lack of practice.  Although I don't expect to win the whole thing, I do still expect a good showing from me when I know that I'm not bad.  I'm looking forward to your reply.

Thanks for reading so much.I really had to share.  Thank you in advance !

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Jordi,

Every player has different stories of how they get to a tournament.  It is important on the day to just work hard and do your best.  You would find that every player at the tournament has something that they feel wasn't right with their preparation before the event.

Go out there, try your best and just see what level you are now.

As for the Panda... I don't know what you are talking about but I will pass on your regards...

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Jordi Rodriguez

Jordi Rodriguez Posted 8 years ago

Okay,On the big day I will try to give in my everything,point by point.Surely I will keep on competing in these tournaments to make myself better too !
Thanks for your insights,took the whole sense of pressure off me !

And yes,you are the panda !! :D


D K Posted 7 years ago

He cannot be

He has many times been seen with panda and jeff.....this is funny guessing game

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