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Jack Yap

Jack Yap Asked 10 years ago

Hi, What is mean by "normal" rubber?

Can i find any different by just looking at it?

I have a Butterfly Champion F1, it has a yellow layer sponge, and the rubber got pimple which is 1.1mm and the pimple is not face out, i mean i cannot touch the pimple at outside, the pimple is sticking with the sponge, is this antispin or a normal rub?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Jack,

That is a good question and one I should clarify.  By normal i am referring to rubber that has the inverted pimple which is what you are talking about.

This isn't an anti spin rubber.  In fact as long as it hasn't lost it's grip then it is the spinniest type of rubber.

It is difficult to tell the quality of rubber unless you have some experience and can actually hit the ball with it.

A better quality rubber will have good grip on its surface.  Its sponge (or the usually yellow part under the rubber) should have some substance.  It shouldn't be too soft.  When you hit the ball with it, the ball should come off quite easily and have a bit of bounce. 

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Jack Yap

Jack Yap Posted 10 years ago

Thank you~

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