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charlie stewart

charlie stewart Asked 12 years ago

how does normal rubber differ from short and long pimple and flat rubbers?  when the ball was hit with an underspin the normal rubber spin took a lot more and returned the ball towards the hitter.  the other 3 returned the ball less.  

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Charlie,

You have obviously been watching the lesson on the Effects of Rubber.

The essential difference is the amount fo spin that you can generate as you have described.  The other difference is the effect these rubbers on a spun ball that is hit to them.

A Long Pimple rubber will, in general, reverse the spin on the ball.  So if you put topspin on the ball and they hit it wil the Long Pimple rubber it will come back to you with backspin and vice versa.  Anti spin will do a similar thing.

Short Pimple rubber will tend to flatten out any spin.  So if you hit to it with topspin it will come back quite flat.


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