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Chirajeet Sengupta

Chirajeet Sengupta Asked 2 years ago

I am an amateur player but very passionate about the game. My primary game is strong serve with a lot of variation, and forehand topspin loops and drives close to and over the table. Occasional power flicks. My backhand is primarily push and chop - mostly defensive. 

My current set up is Stiga Offensive Classic with Donic  Bluefire M2 on FH and Rakza 7 on the BH. I really like this set up but beginning to get some problems:-

Bluefire seems to send my blocks long. Also, I'm not getting a lot of grip on my slow FH loops. Guys I play with find them more tricky than the fast cross court low drives.

Also, I'm wondering if I need something slower than Rakza on my backhand? My go to defensive shot from behind the table on the backhand is a heavy chop with a lot of underspin. I don't loop on the BH, but I do the occasional flick.

Any suggestions? Should I be using tacky Chinese rubbers to get more topspin? I've tried using carbon blades and they don't seem to work for me - prefer light, wood paddles

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Chirajeet,

I like the Chinese tacky rubbers for the slower loop.  Sounds like the Rakza may be too fast for your game.

I don't have anything specific but other readers may be able to suggest a rubber for you.

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Ardak .

Ardak . Posted 2 years ago

Hi, Chirajeet

I am also an amateur player. I am playing with chinese rubber  last two years. I use dhs hurricane 3 commercial. When I didn't know about boostering, my racket was stiga offensive classic, hurricane 3 on FH, xiom vega europe on BH. Hurricane was too slow, vega europe was fast against block. So I usually was confused. FH loop lacked power. If you want chineese tacky rubber, then I suggest softer one. Because with hard rubber there was small grip.  both FH and BH blocks were OK. But with stiga OC, I didn't use softer chinese rubber. 

I played also with Butterfly Primorac off-, and tenergy 05fx on both sides, grip was awesome. I could return any long backspins, with high slow spinny fh topspins. It worked great against some defenders in our club. But good attackers smashed my slow spinny fh topspins. With primorac blocks were not fast enough. But spinny blocks helped. 


I played also with hurricanes and butterfly petr korbel blade. Not impressed. Lack of power. But spin is great. 


Boostered Hurricane + stiga CC7 (off+) was wonderful. Power and spin was great. Powerful topspins, blocks. Very spinny pushes. But it was very heavy racket. Because hurricane is very heavy rubber. 

With chinese tacky rubbers chops are good. Control is also good. But if your racket is not powerful, then blocks and drives are lack of  speed compared to Donic Bluefire. 


Those are my experiences. Some of my conclusion may be wrong because of my skill poorness. 



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