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Martin Arbet Unknown

Martin Arbet Unknown Asked 13 years ago

Now i use rubbers: FH-Tibhar VariSpin and BH-BTF SRiver FX, i´am using  some unknown maybe off blade... it is old, and hasn´t signature... Which type of blades is good for me? And have any rubber better speed but control and spin like VariSpin.

Thank you for answer


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 13 years ago

Hi Martin,

At PingSkills we try not to focus too much on specific equipment. As long as you have a well known Table Tennis brand, and replace your rubbers when they get too old and lose their grip, then you can't go too wrong with equipment.

When starting out, we recommend a combination that gives you more control than spin as we feel this lets you develop your game. As you become more advanced, then you can switch to a faster combination if you feel the need. If anyone is unsure of what to rubbers to buy for a first custom made Table Tennis bat, we often suggest Mark V or Sriver. However as we mentioned before, as long as you choose a reputable Table Tennis brand you can't go too wrong. For blades the Stiga Allround or the Butterfly Primorac OFF- are both good choices.

I have never used the Tibhar VariSpin and so cannot comment on it. If anyone else has experience with these rubbers then leave a comment for Martin.

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