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bhaavan goel

bhaavan goel Asked 13 years ago


i am a player who loves to attack.sometimes even when my opponent plays forehand loop of my push i also return him the loop and when my opponent smashes i also smash even after standing nearby the table and i am sometimes successful too.would you call it luck or over-attacking? should i continue with this?

another imp. question i would like to ask is that when i am lobing then should i try to topspin that ball b'coz most of the times i am successful doing that????but the problem is that they block and i have to run a long way but sometimes i am able to get the points.so what should i do?

thanking you


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Bhaavan,

Firstly if the ball is going on and winning points then you are probably doing it well.  You always need to be aware that you are not trying to do too much when they are attacking.

When you are defending against a smash from away from the table, if you have time it is ideal to topspin the ball back.  Your second option would be to chop it low and the third option is to lob.

If you find that they are able to block your topspin easily then continue to lob until you have time to make a stronger topspin and force a weker return.

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