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Alena  Fallon

Alena Fallon Asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Alois, 

I have been playing tt for 9 years. For 6 of those I did not hear about the need to brush the ball, so I developed a slap forehand approach and I fall back into it as soon as random play steps in. 

In regular drills, when I focus on the technique, I can perform more of a brush. But I lose it once random drills or play start. I am being coached 1hr per week with focus more on random skills to help me with game play. I don't have a training partner who is willing to do drills which could help me develop the brush in forehand top spin. In having a hit with the random ball placement I find it really difficult with maintaining focus on brushing action. 

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to get out of my slapping default action to brushing action with my forehand. 

Thank you for your help 

Cheers Alena

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Alena,

I think you are on the right track by training more with the random ball.

Step up the difficulty slowly with your drills while maintaining the brushing action.  Things you can do to increase difficulty are getting your training partner or coach to increase the placement positions, increase the pace but then also start to add some scoring into your drills to add a pressure of a game situation.

Keep your focus on this area and you will find that you will start to make changes in matches as well.  Sometimes it just takes a little time to sink in.

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