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Yosua Yosan Imanuel Tanto

Yosua Yosan Imanuel Tanto Asked 10 years ago

Hi again PingSkills !
After trying out some blade, I found out that the 7 ply Basswood / Hinoki blade of the premade Double Fish 136 paddle seems suitable for my defensive style and it is very cheap. Only around 5.45 USD here for two premade bats and three cheapskate white balls :)

Here is the image of the paddle for a quick reference :

I want to paint it, leaving no trace of the double fish logo which lies on the handle.
My question :
1. Is it still legal on competitions recalling it is actually an ITTF approved blade ?
2. Does painting make a difference in the blade playing characteristics ? If yes, what are the effects ?
3. What kind of paint should I use for the most lesser effect ?

Thats quite a lot :)
Thanks a bunch in advance !
God Bless !

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Yosua,

Firstly why do you want to paint it?  It will make the handle slippery and hard to hold on to.

If you are wanting to paint it, it will still be legal. Blades are not ITTF approved just the rubbers.

I am not sure what kind of paint to use if you are going to use one.  Maybe our readers have some advice. 

Good luck with your project. 

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