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Debayan Chakrobortty

Debayan Chakrobortty Asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Coach, I am struggling to control my shots in the game and I over hit most of the time. But while in practice I have much better control and I can brush the ball well.
is it the matter of more practice or just the mental thing.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Deb,

It sounds like you have solid skills in practice, but are finding it challenging to translate them into match situations. This is a common issue and often a mix of both technical and mental factors.

First, ensure that your technique is as consistent as possible in practice. Focus on drills that simulate match conditions to help you transition those skills. Practices like randomised drills, where you don't know where the ball will be placed next, can help mimic the unpredictability of a match. On the mental side, nerves and pressure in match situations can definitely cause you to overhit.

It might be helpful to develop a pre-point routine that includes deep breathing or other calming techniques. This can help you stay relaxed and play more controlled, just like you do in practice. Match experience is also invaluable. The more you put yourself in competitive situations, the more accustomed you'll become to the pressures, and the better you'll be able to manage your response to them.

Keep practicing, and incorporate these strategies. With time, you should see your match performance improve significantly.

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Rick August

Rick August Posted 2 weeks ago

One method to reduce your nervousness while playing is to focus on the technical aspect of the strokes and not on the score.  I like to think about getting in position and on the finish position of my stroke.  If I focus on properly finishing my stroke, I usually hit good shots.

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