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Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Asked 5 years ago

Hi Alois

At my school, sometimes I will play singles against a pair of doubles. (So I have no partner, I play as singles but my opponent is playing doubles) So I need to follow the doubles rule serve to their forehand side but I can serve from anywhere I want. Is the strategy of playing against the doubles team the same as the doubles strategy? What kind of additional strategies I can use, given that I am playing singles?

Also, may I ask if you skipped the advanced serving video while re-filming your serving secrets videos? Because you re-filmed the how to practice your serves video which is after the advanced serving video but the advanced serving video remains as an old video. .

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Yap,

When playing against a doubles pair you need to make them run into each other.  You have the real advantage.  A good singles player should alway beat a similar standard doubles pair because they have to take it in turns.

We are going through the Serving videos and will do the Advanced serving one next filming session.

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Josef Novy

Josef Novy Posted 5 years ago

Maybe, maybe with the exception of material players. E.g. if the first pair player has LP and ordinary rubber and the second pair player has antispin and shortpips it is becomming rather difficult for the single opponent.  


Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Posted 5 years ago

How to make them run into each other? 

Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Posted 5 years ago

Can you do a demonstration?

Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Posted 5 years ago

Maybe in an ask the coach show or in a video response

Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 5 years ago

To make them run into each other, aim to the one that just shot at you. He will become an obstacle for his partner, who has to do the next shot.

Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Posted 5 years ago


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