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Shailender Jha

Shailender Jha Asked 1 month ago


I was practising my game with 3 star balls.

But when I entered a local tournament they are using one star ball. 
So i got lots of difficulties with adjusting the bounce and spin of ball . Most of the time i flick on net or way off table . I got depressed.

I have been practising with one star ball for last 2 days but i am unable to find my shots in which i am good .

please help me.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Shailender,

It's understandable to feel frustrated when there's a sudden change in the equipment you're used to, such as switching from 3-star to 1-star balls in table tennis. The variation in ball quality can indeed affect your game, as lower-rated balls may not have the same consistency in bounce and spin response that you're accustomed to with 3-star balls.

Here are some tips that might help you adjust your game:

1. Understand the Differences: Recognize that 1-star balls may not be as round, may have a different weight distribution, and can often be affected more by the environment (such as air currents). This means the ball won't behave as predictably as higher-quality balls.

2. Adjust Your Technique: When playing with 1-star balls, you might need to adjust your strokes to cater to the different bounce and spin. Be prepared to hit the ball a bit more conservatively, focusing on control rather than high-speed shots.

3. Adapt Your Tactics: As the spin and speed might not be as effective, consider using placement and variation to outsmart your opponent. Try to exploit their weaknesses rather than relying on your spin-heavy shots.

4. Practice with 1-star Balls: Although not ideal, practicing with the same type of balls that you will compete with can help you get used to their behavior. Spend time working on the basic strokes and serve return to build confidence.

5. Mental Adjustment: Remember that your opponents are dealing with the same conditions. Keep a positive mindset and focus on controlling what you can, such as your movement, strategy, and shot selection.

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