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Saksham Chauhan

Saksham Chauhan Asked 6 years ago

I recently posted a question on my new racket problem. But now this is turning out to be serious. my coach is now yelling at me tohave proper grip,play with spin. Be relaxed,spin the ball etc. I am really frustrated. He says I topspin better racket which was almost antispin. identify know what is happening. With old bat he was praising me but now.......I don't think it's about adjustment to new Rubber. And my rubber also gets dust meanwhile but I clean it. When it's clean also then also BAAD PLAY.....

Help needed


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Saksham,

In this situation, I would listen to your coach. Go with the slower bat for a while till he is happy for you to move up again.


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Saksham Chauhan

Saksham Chauhan Posted 6 years ago

That bat is almost antispin now. I cant hit topspin frown

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