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Kedar Dandekar

Kedar Dandekar Asked 5 months ago

Hi coach ,

How to identify whether chop is having deep cut or the ball is loose ( less cut)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 months ago

Hi Kedar,

Seeing the difference between heavy spin and less spin on the chop is something that you will pick up after a while.  To get you started though watch the contact on their racket.  If you see a fine contact then it is more likely to have spin.  If it is a flatter contact then it should have less spin.

Then watch the flight of the ball.  The heavier spin will tend to move more directly to you on a direct path.  Less spin will tend to float in the air a bit more.

Lastly also watch the ball itself and see if you can pick up any hints such as seeing the label on the ball.  This can be done sometimes when there is less spin.

Overall though, it will take time.  Keep watching the ball and learning what a heavy spin ball looks like in flight and what a less spin ball looks like in flight.  In training you will see the reaction off your racket after you hit it.  Learn from each of these contacts.

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